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Formed under the aegis of LNOD Roundtable, The Women Leadership Forum of Asia (WLFA) is an Inclusion forum, that helps Corporates and Members build on Diverse and Inclusive Cultures, Women Empowerment and Leadership. Registered as a not-for-profit Charity, WLFA brings together Women and Male Professionals from across Asia to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote better Leadership in a changing world.

While work in the space of Diversity and Inclusion is at nascent stages within many Organisations, others have made smart strides in attracting, grooming and retaining Women and other Diversities. Overall, a lot of work remains to be done in the areas of D&I moving beyond tokenism and individual programs to Build sustainable D&I Cultures instead.

WLFA has been working with Member Companies to build Cultures of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and now introduces the Online Diversity & Inclusion Academy. Here are some Relevant, Contemporary and Research-backed offerings from WLFA’s D&I Academy

The DEI Literacy Program for Leaders and teams
The DEI Literacy Program for Leaders and teams is a MUST for any organization seeking to build a Culture of Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Understanding the Macro and organizational compulsions is key and this program can influence the buy-in of ALL to participate. A Must-have Learning intervention also for those who have embarked already on this journey. This program helps build emotional commitment for this Agenda across levels within the organization.
 Transforming the Stories Women tell themselves as women
Transforming the Stories Women tell themselves as women is a powerful thought provoking Talk/ 1 Day program and also delivered as a Learning journey. This is a great Mid career and High Potential Women intervention that enables deep reflections that can help participants question deeply held beliefs and assumptions. The program is a discovery adventure, helping participants reframe various self-limiting paradigms to prepare for Flight. This program uses several contemporary pedagogies including video based discussions, Flip classroom, caselets based learning, letters based learning and so much more. Most impactful with Individual Coaching for meaning making.
The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Certification Program
The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Certification Program is a powerful 3 Saturdays and 3 Group Coaching powerful certification program that prepares DEI Leads/ teams, D&I Councils and ERGs etc to become well versed with the opportunities for Culture building, support the DEI and build an architecture/ ecosystem for impact. The Group Coaching and Learning transfer completes the Certification process.
The Multi Generations Lab
The Multi Generations Lab is a half day/ 1 Day intervention that celebrates Age cohorts and Multigenerations at work, by creating a lens for understanding/ clarifying the Generational Lens in the context of Talent, Careers and the Future of Work. The objective is to drive Collaboration and Compassion and High Performance together across Generations. This is a wonderful experience of drawing from live data, stories, theater, team and individual interactions and scenario based learning.
Leading with Inclusion
Leading with Inclusion Is a powerful 2 days/ 1 day/ half day intervention for Line/ People Managers who are poised to manifest Inclusion. Vibrant discussions, relevant custom insights based Scenarios, Reflections, Class Discussions, Individual and Team activities are an essential part of the learning experience. Learning transfer is key for the success of the program to impact culture positively.
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