1. Insecurity. They don’t want their CEOs to know about good HR, or what is happening around, and what more can they do. They are insecure that their poor quality of work or lack of it may be exposed. This is sometimes unconscious and gets expressed in terms of negative comments about other HR. That professor is bookish, this consultant is too commercial, that HR guy is political etc.
2. Incompetence and inertia to try out anything new. Partly related to point 1 or bad preparation yin HR
3. High ego or over confidence that they y know everything and others don’t now much. This comes out of big brand of the companies where they work or their own brand established in early years due to fast promotions.
4. Negative attitude to theory and concepts and a false belief that theory is not practical.
5. Lack of time and attitude to learn.
If some of these are conquered through self review, reflection and tools like 360 Feedback and hrd audit by others, tge leader in them can be brought out.

Lesson: Don’t kill the leader in you evoke and provoked the leader in you .

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