Volunteer With Us

At the Learning and OD Communities of practice you can volunteer around our efforts for creating Asia’s largest Communities of Practise and enabling professionals to learn, grow, excel by contributing in the following ways.

1. Help the LNOD CoP teams popularise the platform for individual. Student and Corporate Memberships.

2. Help populate content on the platform -most relevant to the Community
– Aligned to the Thematic GroupsWrite Blogs that are meaningful and contextual
– Research Blogs or Videos that must be featured for the Community to access
– Recommend Asynchronous learning modules both paid and free.

3. Help by creating vibrant conversations, discussions, holding debates and suggesting themes for Masterclasses and Podcasts please.

4. Recommend Certification organisers, providers of Learning and Seminars to publicise this on the LNOD CoP’s Learning Universe platform so we can create Asia’s largest Marketplace for learning.

5. Do recommend other ways in which you would like to contribute.
– Write to us at contact@lnodcommunities.com with your details and how you would like to Volunteer so we can set up a call soon and get you on Board!
The Community needs your Pro-bono Volunteering …

6. For paid Internships send us your CV and areas of interest for contributing to contact@lnodcommunities.com. All our paid Internships are full time and In-person currently. Do write in to discover a world of Learning opportunities.