‘Work, overall, is about getting things done, and the heart does not normally figure in it. But in my many years of work, I have seen that the heart has a huge influence on what happens to us, what happens around us and what propels us to action.’

Most often, people believe building a career is about setting targets and pursuing them relentlessly. In this pursuit, people sometimes don’t mind taking shortcuts and stepping on others’ toes to move up. But those who pursue such a path often forget that the values one upholds in life often carry over into work as well, and it is these values that describe a leader the best: humility, an ability to listen to others, an emotional connect with those you work with, and building a culture that goes beyond just single-minded focus on targets and revenue.

In The Heart of Work, SV Nathan takes us through the length and breadth of his long career that defines work, success and happiness. Nathan captures pivotal moments that left a deep imprint on him at various points and shaped his life and career. These insights, told with authenticity and coupled with the benefit of hindsight, provide great learning opportunities for readers.

Narrated in a non-preachy, jargon-less manner, the stories in this book will help readers seek and discover their own anchors, unlocking their true potential.

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