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Contact – Ankita Tewari  at 9765366385

Last date for registration: 23 November 2023

Program Duration: 2 days

Program Price: INR 2999

Being promoted to a management position is exciting but it can be challenging as it takes time to establish oneself as a strong but approachable Leader and manage a team effectively.

When you become a manager, everything about your job needs to change- your skill set, nature of work relationships, your understanding of what “work” is, and how you see yourself and your organization. This intervention is crafted to provide the tools and techniques for an effective transition from being an individual contributor to a people manager.

Our intervention will equip a first-time leader to showcase increased role effectiveness. A well-trained leader, even though inexperienced can ensure minimal loss of productivity, reduced ambiguity, and better predictability of results after this intervention. Our program ensures reduced conflicts and higher team engagement.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a manager
  • Know the changes to be made for an effective transition from being an individual contributor to being a manager
  • Learn the process and techniques for Stakeholder Management
  • Understand the techniques to develop people
  • Learn a few approaches to dealing with conflict effectively


Why sign up for this program?

-Our track record, approach and highly trained & expert facilitators make us the partner of choice for leading corporates and leaders. Our work of over 3 decades has had a profound impact on thousands of organizations and leaders.

-This course will be conducted online via the RUZUKU platform for an uninterrupted and optimal learning experience.

-After successful completion of the course (based on assessment), participants will be certified as FTL

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