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Companies like Apple, Netflix, Google are disrupting Industries and Business models making it amply apparent that traditional Problem-solving methods are no longer adequate. Therefore, unleashing creativity, new ways of Thinking and Innovation are all at a great premium across Industries. Needless to say, without a Strategy for this to happen, it is likely to remain an aspiration rather than a reality. Design Thinking is the Strategy that challenges status quo, forces companies/teams out of their comfort zones of pet theories and old thinking.

Leaders, therefore have an important choice to make in this ever changing, tumultuous world where things are changing so fast that the future is no more a linear extension of the Past! No past solutions might work!

By finding solutions with deep empathy, like Ross Starke says, “At the heart of all great Leadership is empathy, respect and the desire to move something towards its ideal state- ultimately making the world a better place, even for just a small subset of people.”

Design Thinking along the HR/ Talent Value Chain is a MUST as we are trapped in an old thinking and paradigm that comes in the way of creating the Agile Organization\

Recommended for HR/ Talent / OD Professionals

Program Duration – 2 Days Program

Methodologies –

  • Case-in-point (Live Case Study)
  • Articles
  • Film Clips/ Videos
  • TED Talks
  • Case Studies
  • Experiential Learning
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