The objective of this course is to skill you in understanding the basics and the terminology of the Metaverse ecosystem. As part of this course you will be exposed to real life solutions and hands-on activities to chart your Metaverse journey

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The Metaverse Orientation Course is designed for people to get an exposure to the concepts, technology and potential business value of the Metaverse. As part of the course, we will explore the Metaverse and with a cohort of learners and explore its vast network of persistent, real-time generated 3D worlds and simulations that enable identity, objects, history, payments, and entitlements experiencing it simultaneously each with their feeling of presence. If you didn’t understand what any of this meant but were intrigued by how it sounded like – you should give this course a try !! This orientation course is your fist step to demystifying the world of the Metaverse and gaining better understanding of its ecosystem. We will discuss as part of our lessons economic functioning of the metaverse and how it leverages blockchain technology. We will go deeper into blockchains and check out its uses in digital assets management. We will also touch upon the basics of immersive technology (VR/MR/XR) and how it can be sued for creating a rich and seamless user experience in a parallel universe (aka digital world). During the course, we will explore live demos, quiz sessions and hands-on activity to create an engaging and fulfilling value-add experience for all. Additionally, there will be daily exercises to complete and towards the end of the course, you can even walk out with your Metaverse proposal (if you so desire). Additionally, by the end of this course, you will be able to comprehend the various Metaverse experiences and appreciate the integration with other technologies such as AI, Robotics and IoT. Our course will run for 10 hours and will be 2 hours a week for 5 weeks. The days and times are fixed given that we believe in having a live instructor interact with you synchronously and hand hold you through the various concepts.

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