I think we have done our job in setting a model for documenting the crucible experiences of some leaders. It was important that we start with impact making leaders from some field. Since we are heavily into HR and are more familiar with it, we started with HR. The study and documentation should be extended to other professions including CEOs, CXOs, IT, Health, Entrepreneurship, Finance,Operations, Logistics. Education, and many more. It should be extended to include many new age leaders. The challenges and lives of those born after 1990s are substantially different. Hope to see case studies of them:
In fact my book 100 Managers in action has very few HR, and Effective People is all about other professions. I hope soon we will have many more books coming out as Leaders in the Making- 2, 3, 4 and so on. These need not be authored by us and they could even be parts of Doctoral and M. Phil. Dissertations. Our book also shows a way to write and analyse case studies. One off tge chapters we wrote but not included here for space constraints was on “Leadership Activities” of the Leaders. Both Arvind Agrawal and I will be very happy to see our work stimulating more documentation and lessons for future!

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