Connect the dots – Dad had taught me. So did teachers. And so too conventional logic. All stories are indeed made-up of dots. Some dots are obviously easy to connect. Some others tough. You will have to look deeper and search them out by linking them to the emerging pattern.

However, be mindful of the unconnected dots. They have their own narration. They are the untold stories .. the dots that were overlooked .. the dots that remained undiscovered.

Some of these undiscovered dots have the potential to change conclusions of the larger stories. Some could make the story richer. Unfortunately, they never got identified.

Such is also the story of undiscovered talent in our organisations. Full of potential with ability to give a different and richer narration to the stories. Unfortunately, myopic leadership could not trace their existence.

Leaders and organisations need to recognise that as critical is the narration of the discovered dots so important is the realisation of the untold story of the undiscovered dots that remained disconnected despite having potential, from the larger pattern.

If there was one wisdom that leaders could gain from that would be – ‘Discover The Undiscovered Dots’ and connect them to the larger pattern.

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