Tell me something about yourself….I have found this the most unimaginative and lazy question used by Interviewers for assessing Talent suitability to join and contribute to the organization’s journeys.

Do you agree Interviews have many under-utilized opportunities, for bringing more heart to the interview process to connect the candidate to the organization, manage an important starting point for building stickiness in what could be a valuable potential relationship! Despite all the turmoil around Talent, there are some lessons we are not learning in a hurry… –

The opportunity we pass up when we don’t prepare, don’t consciously play the connector role, and don’t bring more heart to truly understanding the candidate and candidature fairly

– is an indication of the gap between what we say and what we do with our most valuable assets.

– we know the nuances of the Job, the candidate doesn’t -so it’s our job to help the candidate provide us the information we need to visualise the candidate contributing in our eco-system

-This is the ideal time to connect with what motivates the candidate? What are the nuances of culture and ecosystem that may make them thrive? So much remains unexpressed around the kind of Manager, Team, ecosystem in which the candidate performs best…

– Also What does the candidate describe as a high point experience?- these are largely moments of accomplishment, using potential or discovering one’s own strengths and getting acknowledged for them…’s also a great opportunity to understand what the candidate values as a High Point experience…

Time to bring astuteness, energy and interest to make valuable connections and use interviews as an opportunity to understand Personas, play the Connector role as Interviewer, and prepare the organization to lead the Workforce of One..

No more check-in-the-box Interviews- promise yourselves valuable conversations and insights to augment Employee experiences in your organization and begin to create stickiness from the start and positively impact Retention.

At Capstone People Consulting we are helping many organizations manage positive and inspiring Employee experiences through our Organizational Change interventions, to positively influence Employee experience journeys…and our Everyday Leadership for People Managers interventions which are helping augment well-being and high performance.


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