This is such a powerful quote for anyone raising children in current times. With an average age of 29 years, India currently has 50% of its population below the age of 25years and over 65% people below the age of 35 years..
This means we have a large numbers of young people just beginning to work combined with a large population of early Parents/ would be Parents.
Learning for earning was a fair adage for the Generations emerging from scarcity, but the current globalised Generations will Only succeed with an abundance mindset which includes a strong belief and orientation of Learning for Learning.

Teaching the Young/Our Children

– The value of going beyond the syllabus literally to become true citizen of the Knowledge era

– That divisiveness and inner coteries restrict our own worldview and access to the immense world of possibilities….

– That Courage is magical and settling and normalising mediocrity is a criminal waste..

-That interpersonal maturity is the biggest strength you can bring to any Group- your Family, colleagues, the Community..

– That the true indicators of a life well spent is the books on your shelf and the memoirs from your travels..

– That hate, revenge, disrespect is the language of the weak and cowardly..

– That kindness and Compassion are limitless

– That NOT using your vast potential and not manifesting good and love before we pass is how
we can make this a wasteful life..

And so so much else from the vast reservoirs of Wisdom, but Most of All by role-modelling this even as we develop these perspectives over the years…
That the i-phone, car and fancy house can be imitated- the rest of YOU cannot be..

What are your contributions to this List of Teaching what we may have never been taught but learnt through Life? Add to the list above to make this more meaningful for Young professionals/ Students, young Parents and others…

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