This list below resonated completely as I recently completed a facinating 5 years of becoming an Entrepreneur.

Leaving secure jobs and the power of senior positions and a facinating track record of success stories across 5 geographies for 30 years, Entrepreneurship was the big ticket item on my Vision board. I had delayed getting there for 2 years already for various reasons in my conscious mind, but at the back of all this was the invariable dilemma of courage/ fear associated with this incredible Leap of faith I finally took 5 years ago!

And how rewarding it has been! The biggest character building journey in my life- I now have 4 children – Capstone, LnOD Roundtable, Priyanka and Aryaman.

While I see Success as WIP, we have 127 leading companies across sectors and across geographies as our Clients within a record 4 years, as we continue doing some incredibly impactful and distinctive work in the space of Leadership and Change, Future of Work, High Performance Cultures, D&I etc- this has been fun, with steep learning curves, deep introspections on beliefs/assumptions, overall so so gratifying despite the Pandemic impact which was also incredibly positive.

My Top Insights

  • Servant Leadership is the only way to lead especially as you build your own business and learn to value Talent that believes in you!!
  • Success is what you devour after the job is already done, and the journey already accomplished. There is No planned Heroism, all glory on hindsight
  • We will do one thing everyday no one is willing to do’, this philosophy has held us in good stead, and helped build so so many distinctive capabilities and the humility to keep going…
  • The God is in Execution, Execution, Execution Ideas are great, Understanding the problems is super. But Executing solutions is the greatest!
  • We may not be first but if we persevere more than anyone else, and remain committed to excellence, we can be there last, savouring and sustaining our Success… What are your Core beliefs for Success? Add to my List and share your own maxims/ beliefs that have arisen from your journeys…


  1. Sujaya Banerjee

    Thank you! These are indeed Guru mantras for anyone wanting to succeed as an Entrepreneur!

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